For Information on Stallion Licencing and Registration, and a list of current stallions click on this Link to the main Stallion Information PageĀ 

A short form of the process for licencing and approval is the following

1. The horse must be presented for licensing to CWHBA or accepted studbook

2. Upon successful completion of licensing the stallion is entered into the studbook presented to, and is eligible to apply for entry with other studbooks.

3. Lifetime approval...CWHBA...requires successful completion of a Stallion Performance test, either CWHBA or another accepted studbook SPT. For sports approval, the stallion must succeed per the listed (on the web) specifics for their discipline.

4. Injured/Aged stallions may also apply for Lifetime approval, based on their sports history to that date, and verification of their inspected or sport winning progeny, as per the rules of the CWHBA.